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How I got from Mrs. Bonjovi wannabe to poking nice people with sharp objects and how it will change your life.

The best botox and filler, PRP with an IV, microneedling and laser in the Welland, Niagara, St. Catherines area.


I am a small town Tilbury girl who moved to Toronto at the age of 17. To be a “Nurse” wasn’t something that I dreamed of as a young girl… I didn’t  believe that i could be the independant, strong, smart, passionate, fun woman that was the first nurse in my life, my aunt Dolores.

I remember sitting in the Northern New Brunswick kitchen of my dad’s Acadian family, pouring over the gruesome images in my aunt’s textbooks. I can still hear the stories of the night shift incidents of this remote, under-serviced area hospital. I get goosebumps when I recall my aunt calmly “sweeping” my little sister’s throat of the hard candy that was choking her. To be a nurse, after all, wasn’t going to give me much time to pursue my dream of being Mrs. Jon BonJovi.

But here i am… 20 something years later. My career has been so many things: satisfying, terrifying, challenging, crazy, infuriating, enlightening, FUN, and diverse. From inner city trauma in Seattle to palliative care, vascular surgery, emergency medicine, and ICU throughout the US and Canada, every job is my favourite. Every assignment better than the one before it. Finally, settling down into family life also meant settling down into a Rheumatology career that would last for the next 10 years. Research, clinical nursing, infusions, and Osteoporosis are what I continue to do at the clinic of Dr. Saeed Shaikh in St. Catharines.

"My belief is that every single patient deserves the best care available no matter what age, gender, social status, or lifestyle. I want to change your life for the better — to look good and feel great" — Marcie Bak, owner of Pelham Medical Aesthetics.


Medical Aesthetics holds such appeal because it allows the geek in me to play with my creative, compassionate, nurturing self. A fine mix of outlets for what I consider the “last stop” in my nursing career, I truly enjoy meeting and treating the wonderful guys and gals who come to our clinic. I am trained by the best in the field and I continue to research new formulae and techniques so that I may safely and beautifully provide exactly what each of you desires, without leaving the comfort of Fonthill. I come to you with the best resources, the ambition, the knowledge, and the motivation for excellence. 


I’m very fortunate to have my husband, Dr. David Bak as my Medical Director. David shares my goals of providing Happy Medicine to the residents of Niagara. Like me, he received his injectables training by the renowned Patricia Pezzano of APT Training for whom he has great respect for her skill as well as for her business acumen.

Prior to his full time commitment to family practice in 2000, David served as an emergency room physician in Cambridge and Welland. Having grown up in St. Catharines, and with most of his family still in residence here, the decision to remain in Niagara was made. 

When I’m not working, I love music, reading, cooking, playing with our little brown fur ball, Rosie. Most of all, I love time spent with my four daughters: Erica, Nadia, Katrina, and Ava. Loves of my life and the sources of many laughs and swear words, please say HI to them if you run into them at the clinic. Three of them are teenagers, so forgive them if they don’t smile much.

— Marcie Bak



“Huge shout out to Marcie Bak at Fonthill Botox! You are amazing. If anyone is ever interested in botox, fillers etc check out Fonthill Botox. Amazing! I have had botox in the past but what I just experienced was great! Marcie you are a artist and I will be your canvas anytime! I can not say enough except thank you, Marcie.
— Kim


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